Arizona’s earliest 2014 monsoon onslaught turned I-10 into a water-logged site that looked more navigable by boat than by Buick and left many Auto Service Mesa technicians up to their elbows in drowned and damaged cars and trucks from across the Phoenix metro area.

In turn, that leaves legions of Auto Service Mesa centers working in concert with insurers to cover some uniquely extensive caches of repairs. That being known, and given that Mesa like hasn’t seen its last downpour of the year, Desert Heat Auto’s service technicians and management encourage automobile owners across Phoenix to review the limits to their policies’ flood coverage.

Remember, there is a nearly foolproof strategy that will subvert severe water damage — and a pricey Auto Service Mesa center visit — when rain falls torrentially: avoid driving. True, parked vehicles can and have floated away in as little as 1-2 feet of water and it takes a mere six inches for water to find a means of infiltrating the inner workings. However, driving through flooded streets only increases the opportunities to cause even worse internal water damage.




Consider another significant reason to keep your vehicle as far out of harm’s way as possible in flood conditions: insurers will display far more flexibility covering an Auto Service Mesa repair visit than footing the bill for a replacement. Even then, a little invasive water can do widespread, significant damage throughout your vehicle.

Auto Service Mesa centers will agree nearly unanimously that consequences of exposure to flood waters don’t get much more severe than when water invades the engine compartment. When motor oil mixes with a high enough volume of water, oil pressure within the engine can plummet dangerously. Prolonged use under those conditions can burn up an engine past the point of rescue.

Just as dangerously, when water seeps into a vehicle’s floorboards, it can quickly short out an array of critical onboard computers and wiring networks situated along the vehicle’s base.

It takes driving through as little as six inches of standing water to chance dangerous exposure to either the engine compartment or key electrical components. Both are cringeworthy, expensive repairs to consider. Auto Service Mesa professionals can at least usually diagnose a fried engine quickly, leaving a new or rebuilt engine’s lengthy installation and the engine’s cost itself to make up the brunt of the bill.

Electrical repairs can be unpredictable because, while the parts themselves aren’t always necessarily relatively costly, certain inevitable diagnostic trial-and-error can extend the labor total.




Before another exceptionally heavy rain imposes its will on the Phoenix metro area, we as conscientious Auto Service Mesa professionals would recommend that automobile owners throughout our area review their auto insurance policies as soon as possible, including knowing the exact deductible.

Many insurers include flood damage in their comprehensive-insurance products as a standard coverage in almost every U.S. region. Nevertheless, it’s prudent to know explicitly and ahead of time exactly what your policy does and does not cover and up to what amount.

Following a flood, inspect your vehicle immediately, determine the extent to which water has seeped inside, and make an appointment as soon as possible with a trusted Auto Service Mesa shop before any extensive driving. Calling in your claim immediately and cooperating fully with your insurer’s instructions — including prioritizing any preferred local Auto Service Mesa shops for repairs — will keep the process progressing smoothly.

Remember that a flood will more than likely result in a higher-than-usual volume of claims your provider will have to process. Working with an Auto Service Mesa location, such as Desert Heat Auto, whose works your insurer vouches for and guarantees will further help make sure your claim gets processed as fast as possible.

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