When it comes to Auto Repair Mesa, there are many ways to skin a cat, but a narrow few ways to do it without inadvertently sabotaging a sensitive product of automotive engineering and/or risking personal injury. As a general rule, Auto Service Mesa technicians throughout Phoenix’s East Valley would prefer that the average driver leaves most repair and service to us.

Granted, there’s the obvious reason that the skills of certified Auto Service Mesa professionals put food on our families’ tables. Setting aside the urgency of earning a living, the quality work we perform one day after the next is inspired by a sense of responsibility for the safety of every customer. We invest in industry-leading tools and equipment and training not only in the interest of completing thorough, successful repairs and servicing, but so that we can work on our customers’ vehicles while maintaining our crew’s safety within our bays.

Still, occasions will arise when an Auto Repair Mesa center just isn’t a feasible option and emergency rudimentary repairs just can’t wait. Even aside from that, performing basic automotive maintenance on one’s own time with one’s own two hands can provide a unique sort of satisfaction.

If an Auto Service Mesa center just isn’t an option or you would perhaps simply prefer to forego paying a professional for something you feel your own knowledge allows you to do on your own, then please, at least exercise the utmost caution.




In terms of your equipment and supplies and where you choose to work with them, what you may not take into consideration could be exactly what leads to a serious injury.

Working on your vehicle while wearing a ring, tie, loose clothing, dangling jewelry or long hair that hasn’t been tied back can invite disaster — any of the above could easily catch somewhere while working severely injure the wearer. Along the same lines, consider how many flammable liquids an automobile requires in its everyday operation before choosing to smoke while working.

Speaking of various automotive chemicals, maintenance should always be performed within a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors or in an open garage. Various poisonous coolants, cleaners and other chemicals can cause excruciating irritation, burning and other toxic hazards when ingested or put in contact with the skin, ears, eyes, nose, or open wounds. Always wash your hands after handling them and store them securely away from children, pets, and open flames.

When working with gasoline, exercise the most extreme caution possible. It can irritate the skin, is toxic if swallowed, presents a constant fire hazard, and emits fumes explosive enough to level a city block in high enough volumes.

Finally, always use the appropriate tools for your job. When jacking up a car to work underneath it, always lay secure blocks beneath the wheels. When working with electrical components, always use only tools with insulated grips. Always shut off the engine (unless otherwise necessary — in which case, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL), engage the parking brake, have fire extinguishers nearby and shift the vehicle into Park or Neutral before beginning any work.

Let this one rule guide you above all others: if you aren’t 150% certain that the repairs you need are within your skill set, entrust them to a professionally staffed Auto Service Mesa center. It may seem odd to call a several-ton machine “delicate,” but even changing a flat tire can dangerously sabotage a vehicle if carried out haphazardly or without the ideal know-how.


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