Auto Repair Mesa Reviews Recalls on Luxury Sports Cars

Auto Repair Mesa Reviews Recalls on Luxury Sports Cars

Auto Service Mesa centers throughout our area have been made aware of a small-scale recall from one of the world’s leading luxury sports brands.

True, Porche’s 46-vehicle recall doesn’t begin to stack up vehicle-for-vehicle to the millions of cars, trucks and SUVs General Motors has issued recall notices for throughout 2014. Still, when taking into consideration the Porsche 918 Spyder’s limited 918-vehicle production, high-end $845,000 price point, and Porsche’s enduring reputation for sporty coupes of exceptional quality, a safety flag even over fewer than 100 vehicles stings.

Porsche recently reached out through their sales organizations in July directly to all 46 affected owners of the exclusive plug-in hybrid 918 Spyder, only five of whom reside within the United States. To date, authorities have received no reports attributing accidents involving a 918 Spyder to the rear-axle component issue. Volkswagen AG’s Stuttgart, Germany unit picked up on the issue during a routine quality check.

The released statement addressing the recall did not detail the exact defect itself that prompted the recall.

Meanwhile, the 918 Spyder has remained an environmentally gentle celebration of sporty opulence. Since its unveiling in 2013 at Frankfurt’s International Auto Show, Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller predicted in June that the entire limited 918-vehicle run would sell out by 2014’s end.

“We won’t sell a single additional model,” Mueller said. “That would be unfair.”

The 918 Spyder quickly became the darling of the Frankfurt automotive-industry expo. The hybrid coupe’s 67 mpg ease eclipses the 51-mpg hybrid measuring stick of Toyota’s Prius while achieving 60 mph in 2.5 seconds.

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