As much as the Auto Repair Mesa professionals at Desert Heat Auto care about making sure your vehicle always keeps you safe, we’re also Emissions Repair Mesa technicians committed to minimizing every vehicle’s impact on the air everyone in Mesa has to breathe.

Informing our clients is always every bit as important to us as Emissions Repair Mesa and Auto Repair Mesa professionals as the work we perform under the hood. The more informed our drivers are by the time they leave our shop, the more able they are to assist in maintaining the safe, environmentally friendly working order of their vehicles for years to come. That’s why we want to provide all the information you could need to know about your car or truck’s emissions, how they affect the sets of lungs around you, and what we do to help keep harmful pollutants to a minimum.


The good news is, your vehicle has actually never been safer or more reliable. The engines that powered even the automotive industry’s most dependable models a decade or two ago can’t hold a handle to the fuel-efficiency, durability and consistency produced by today’s engineering.

Regular tune-ups from certified Auto Repair Mesa and Emissions Repair Mesa centers keep them running that way. Your vehicle’s electronically managed, real-time diagnostic components let your car or truck do something generations of Auto Repair Mesa technicians 20 years ago would’ve thought an optimistic pipe dream: tell Desert Heat Auto’s cutting-edge scopes and equipment exactly what’s operating out of order. That’s how we spot small malfunctions early before they set off dominos of bigger issues throughout your vehicle.

Of course, this is all in addition to standard procedures such as checking and swapping out plugs and filters as needed and topping off fluids. In the end, today’s more comprehensive tune-up process also helps ensure that your vehicle needs one pass and one pass only through a state inspection after a visit to our trusted Auto Repair Mesa and Emissions Repair Mesa team.


Throughout your tune-up, we know the most frequent failure issues to watch out for and address immediately. Understand that these issues in particular not only affect particularly what’s breathed in by more vulnerable lungs around you, such as children and the elderly, but can work against the longer lifespan of your car or truck if they go unchecked:

  • Vacuum leaks
  • Malfunctioning air injection
  • Defective ignition
  • Faulty sensory

These are the most common occurrences that set off flags during inspections, but if caught early, they’re also the easiest for us to fix. Conversely, if left to worsen due to either being ignored or undetected, the damage can spread throughout the rest of the engine and create issues that are much more complex — and expensive — to repair.

If you’re due for an inspection, trust your vehicle to the experienced Auto Repair Mesa and Emissions Repair Mesa technicians of Desert Heat Auto beforehand. If we can catch something troublesome early, we may be able to save you a repeat inspection and ensure that your vehicle passes the first time through. Should your vehicle be flagged during inspection, it could be a blessing in disguise that alerts you and our diagnostic team to trouble spots before they can escalate.

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