About Us


A relatively young complete automotive repair center, Mesa’s Desert Heat Auto began building its reputation for exceptional complete automotive servicing 11 years ago in 2003. In that span of just over a decade, the tightly knit team of auto-care professionals have worked under the hood of as wide a variety of both domestic and foreign-made automobiles as can be imagined.


With the exception of paint and auto body repairs, Desert Heat Auto owner Keith Canete is proud to guarantee that there’s no degree of TLC – light and general or intensive and specialized – beyond his proud team of Mesa automotive-repair professionals’ expertise. From “bumper to bumper,” to borrow Canete’s own words, this complete East Valley automotive shop changes out oil and tires with the same care and precision applied to tending to more meticulous and specialized transmission and brake-system needs.

The Desert Heat Auto staff and management never quite settle for a “one-time” customer. Their cutting-edge CRM tools deliver vehicle updates, current invoices and ongoing upcoming maintenance reminders via text, e-mail and phone contacts to ensure opportunities to get hands-on and continue delivering precision, expert service. Desert Heat is also a proudly green automotive service center, gladly recycling any removed parts and ensuring that no waste products from any service make their way back into the environment.


Few complete auto repair facilities throughout the East Valley – if any – can boast of having the Desert Heat Auto ASE-certified master technicians’ sum of experience and knowledge. Combined, owner Keith Canete’s Mesa crew works from over 100 years between them of time elbow-deep in every kind of vehicle imaginable. It’s more than just the right hands for the job – it’s the perfect combination of flexible, affordably priced labor and factory parts with a philosophy of treating every customer like Desert Heat’s immediate top priority. Technicians work exclusively from factory manuals and manufacturer-instructed techniques with the aim of ensuring that every customer becomes a repeat customer for every auto-care need. It’s the difference found in the extra miles such as personalized contacts via text message, e-mail or phone call to deliver current invoices and remind each customer of scheduled vehicle maintenance that comes due.

Everything is backed by a 2-year, nationwide warranty that protects all work under any circumstance, anywhere.


Desert Heat Auto has spent 30 years proudly serving East Valley drivers as a Mesa Auto Shop founded on a single principle’s foundation: no customer is young or old, a man or a woman, or defined by race, creed, income, or any other categorical identifier.

Every customer that comes through our Mesa auto repair shop’s doors means one imperative thing to us above all other definitions of identity and character: a valued East Valley driver deserving of automotive servicing that ensures continued vehicle reliability and safety that keeps day-to-day lives humming right on schedule.

Nothing more, nothing less.